Our next presentation: Perfect Days

Friday 19th July

Perfect Days is a 2023 drama film directed by Wim Wenders. The story follows Hirayama, a janitor who finds contentment in his simple, structured life in Tokyo. His days consist of cleaning public toilets, driving his van while listening to rock music on cassettes, reading books, and photographing trees. Despite the mundane nature of his routine, Hirayama experiences a deep satisfaction from the small, everyday moments of beauty.

The film gradually reveals more about Hirayama’s past through a series of encounters. His niece, Niko, arrives unexpectedly, seeking answers about their estranged family. This visit stirs memories and emotions, but Hirayama remains reticent about his past, instead showcasing his satisfaction with his current life. His interactions with Niko and other characters highlight the themes of solitude, simplicity, and the quiet joys of life.

Wenders’ minimalist storytelling, inspired by Japanese director Yasujirō Ozu, emphasizes the beauty in ordinary moments. The film received critical acclaim for its tender portrayal of a man finding peace and happiness in a modest existence

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